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Dr. David-Paul Zimmerman

Senior Administrator — Healthy Schools

Over the past 42 years, Dr. David-Paul Zimmerman has successfully served in the military (U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine Force and U.S. Marine Corps, combat medic), business (offshore oil management), government (U.S. Air Force CAP Chaplain and VA CPE Hospital Chaplain) and in non-profit educational arenas. Presently serving as school administrator in what is considered one of the most academically and technologically accelerated Pre-School through 8th grade elementary schools in the State of Washington (, Dr. Zimmerman is passionate about expanding educational opportunities using research based best practices integrated with cutting edge technology. Throughout his professional experiences he has developed the ability to visualize where an organization is and where it can improve to better accomplish its mission. He can effectively communicate that vision to others by systematizing, arranging priorities, generalizing, summarizing, compiling evidence and demonstrating specific ideas and processes that support the success of the organization’s mission. Having developed skills for being a strategic leader and a problem solving thinker, Dr. Zimmerman is even- tempered, goal-oriented and passionate in his focus as he strives to systematically work toward achieving and accomplishing agreed upon objectives. Valuing logic, pragmatism, and humor, he rarely lose sight of the end goal while actively seeking to bring order and efficiency to the tasks at hand. While proactively planning the steps needed to accomplish the mission, he is willing to adapt or even abandon any step that becomes ineffective. He has learned how to marshal the resources and materials (people’s talents, money, tools and institutional structure) to move toward accomplishing objectives but his personal sense of reward is met when a devised solution is set in motion and successfully achieves the stated objectives. He holds himself to high standards of professionalism and ethical performance while being able to recognize, appreciate and acknowledge the diversity, talent and skills of others as they impact the accomplishment of an organization’s stated mission objectives. At work, his attention is focused on framing simple objectives drawn from the complexity of the issues at hand. After intense study, he forms ideas and plans, but works through various options and contingencies by discussing them with others. He tends to be direct, factual and bottom-line oriented but has gained the skill of knowing when and how to apply compassion and gentleness during tense, stressful or challenging times. His parish and school experiences have taught him how to effectively communicate (both written and through public speaking) with diverse populations of men and women, boys and girls. If your leadership team would like to discuss the possibility of Dr. Zimmerman serving as an adviser, please contact him at 206-271-7770 cell or via e-mail at